DataSabre water testing management software enables complete beginning-to-end management of all aspects of multiple asset testing, particularly in programs to identify legionella and pseudomonas. From sample collection through results notation, remedial actions, management reports and data analysis, DataSabre is straightforward to use, with multi-level access according to the role of each user to ensure an auditable, compliant water testing program.

Administration and set-up

DataSabre enables you to centralise all documentation, results records and printouts associated with your water testing programme into a single electronic database for easy retrieval and analysis. The administration module enables you to set up:

  • A searchable database of all assets and test points
  • A list of all the test types that you are required to carry out
  • The required time intervals for each test for compliance purposes
  • Details of required follow-up actions in the event of a test “fail”
  • Identities of personnel who need to be notified.
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Test scheduling

Simply assign each test to the required individual to be carried out on or by the required day.

DataSabre can also deal with complex testing circumstances, where you may be working with your own team and/or third-party contractors. Simply create and name each test group and assign authorised individuals to it. You can also set up details of each laboratory performing sample analyses.

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Results collation

Test results are collated in an easily-searchable central database, enabling you to identify out-of-tolerance instances quickly and accurately. The data can also be trended to expose test points that are approaching 'fail' level, giving an opportunity to address potential problems before they occur.

Remedial actions

For any out-of-tolerance test result, the follow-up corrective action and details of any subsequent re-test are stored alongside it in the database, providing a full audit trail for compliance purposes.

The system also allows for the creation of automatic email alerts to inform nominated personnel if any test or remedial action has fallen near- or past-due to ensure it is not overlooked.

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Dashboards and timelines

DataSabre's suite of reports gives managers an accurate overview of testing activity over any time period, together with full details of associated remedial actions. These offer:

  • Standard overview reports for Water Safety Group meetings
  • Root-cause analysis of which test points/ outlet types are prone to problems
  • An evidence base to show which types of remedial action are most effective
  • A chronological timeline for each out-of- tolerance test result, from collection to resolution
  • The means to cross-reference test fails to incidences of patient/client infection
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